A Scout Is Clean


4 scouts


Three boys walking from a major baseball game
Boy 1 to Boy 2. “Did you see that grand slam home run?” (as points upward over boy #2 towards the light on top of the field)"
Boy 2 faints to the ground
Boy 4 boy runs up and says "what is wrong with the boy on the ground?”
Boy 1 “I don't know. I was talking about the grand slam home run” as he points up toward the lights in the stadium over boy #4.
Boy 4 faints to the ground
Boy # 1 says to Boy #3. “I was wrong it was the other lights” as he points over Boy 3’s head
Boy 3 faints to the ground.
Boy #1 lifts up his arm and smells it. He too faints.
Then all the boys jump up and yell “A scout is Clean"

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