Anenome Man


2 scouts


Scout 1: Ta Ta Ta Da!

Scout 2: Who are you!?

Scout 1: Never fear! I'm ANEMONE MAN!

Scout 2: So…. you're a bad guy?

Scout 1: No, I'm ANEMONE MAN!

Scout 2: So, you're an enemy to who?

Scout 1: I'm not an enemy to anyone. You know AN-EM-O-NE… haven't you seen “Finding Nemo?”

Scout 2: Ahhhh! You're an underwater bad guy.

Scout 1: No No No! I'm a hero! I'm Anemone man!

Scout 2: An enemy hero? So you're an oxymoron?

Scout 1: What did you just call me!?

Scout 2: An oxymoron, you know, like 'wireless cable' or 'pretty ugly'.

Scout 1: Good grief!

Scout 2: Exactly! Like 'good grief'!

Scout 1: I knew I should have called myself 'Sea Urchin Man'…

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