Backpacking Campout Ancient Lakes
There are two goals to it. It is a beautiful area to explore. It is an easy backpacking trip.
We will leave Sat morning at 8:30. It is a 2 ½ hr drive.

Driving Directions:
From Ellensburg, drive east on Interstate 90 to exit 149 for George. After exiting, turn left and drive north on State Route 281 toward Quincy. After 5.6 miles turn left onto White Trail Road. Continue 7.8 miles on White Trail Road, then turn left onto Road 9-NW. Continue 5.9 miles on this road (pavement ends at 2.0 miles) as it winds steeply down onto Babcock Bench to the road's end. GPS location=47.1614, -119.9811


We will start the hike at the Start on the map and campend at the *Camp*. It will be a 2 ½ mile backpack in, but it is level and VERY pretty hike. Every scout should be more than capable to do it. We will camp at Ancient Lakes. But we will be hiking/exploring (and playing) around the area all Saturday once we have the campsites set up. We will play Capture the Flag…

Eating/cooking. The scouts will plan this.

Lunch will be on the trail. We will stop 1hour into the hike for lunch. Sandwiches/fruit/water is a good lunch. Dinner and breakfast will be at the campsite, so they can be more elaborate, but still the food and cooking gear needs to be packed in — weight matters when backpacking, so Dutch ovens and coolers are NOT good ideas!!
This is a detailed list gear to bring.
If any scout needs gear to borrow for this trip let me know. I have spares of everything, even backpacks and lightweight sleeping bags…

Info on Ancient Lakes hike
More info on Ancient Lakes hike

Permission Slip

Need permission slip turned in by September 12 meeting so we can get trip permit set up.
Permission Slip Document

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