Backpacking Gear Checklist

Total weight of pack should be no more than ¼ of the weight of the carrier, and preferably a lot less.


Light-weight tent. But negotiate to assure no more than one tent for every two scouts to limit weight.
Sleeping bag (often the night will get into the low 50’s)
Pad (for warmth as well as comfort)
Flashlights (spare is an essential in case of failure). Preferably one being a headlamp.


Comfortable shoes/boots
Two layers of very comfortable socks which will not rub. Bring a spare set. Inner should be thin. Outer should be the thicker set. Personally, I use synthetic dress socks for inner and soft wool for outer. Why two? Inner sticks to foot, outer to shoe and socks rub against each other. No blisters!!
Water –3/4 gallon per day minimum. I would have several containers – 1-2 quarts for easy access when hiking, the rest deeper in pack. More info on hydration
Trail food

Personal eating

Plate (or Frisbee)


Light-weight stove. But again negotiate with other scouts. Do not need more than one stove for every 2 scouts. And when I say lightweight, I mean lightweight. Stove should be well under 1 lb and only bring as much fuel as you need. Looks at MSR PocketRocket Backpacking Stove and the matching fuel canister as an example of small, but feel free to find something less expensive. Primus Yellowstone Classic Trail Stove is only $20. Jetboil and its like are cool, but are less flexible IMHO. I looked at and "Stansport Butane Stove Combo" is $40 for stove, fuel, and two pots. Great deal!!

Cooking pot/pan. Again, share.

Extra water for cooking depending on the food
Cooking utensils. Only what you need and share.
Food. Cans bad. Dehydrated makes more sense.

Rest of scout outdoor essentials

Clothing to handle 70-80 degrees day and 50’s night/morning.
Rain gear just in case…
First-aid kit

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