Breakfast Burritos:
Dozen eggs
1 Tb butter
¼ lb ground sausage or chorizo
1 20oz bag frozen hashbrowns w/ onions & peppers (O Brian style)
2 cups shredded cheese
8 Burritos size flour tortillas

Cook sausage
Add hash browns & eggs and scramble
Add cheese
Put in tortillas w/ salsa

Easy Quiche
2 c cheese
1 onion
1 ½ lb canned chicken
1 ½ c milk
6 eggs
¾ c Bisquick

Mix cheese, onion and chicken at bottom of dutch oven
Mix milk, eggs, Bisquick & seasonings. Pour over content of dutch oven
Cook ½ hr.

Wagon wheels (Egg McMuffins)
32 English muffins
16 eggs
16 slices of ham
16 slices of American cheese
2 Tb butter

Butter muffins and grill in pan
Grill ham
Scramble eggs w/ butter
Put Ham, eggs and cheese between muffins
2 per person

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