Climber says “On Belay”
Belayer checks the climber and his equipment and says “Belay On”
Climber says “Climbing”
Belayer makes sure that the ropes are tight enough and then says “Climb On”

Climber climbs and the Belayer keeps the ropes tight.

When the climber is ready to come down, he says “Take”
Belayer tightens the ropes and then gets into position to lower the climber and then says “Gotcha”

The climber then lets go and puts his feet against the rock and says “Lower me”
Belayer says “Lowering” and starts lowing the climber.

At the bottom, the Belayer gives the climber some slack for comfort.
If the climber is ever worried about falling he says “Falling” and the Belayer will immediately lock his position.
If the climber needs some extra rope, he says “Slack”

Video on commands

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