How To Fullfill First Class Cooking Requirements


a. Help plan a patrol menu for one campout that includes at least one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner, and that requires cooking at least two of the meals. Tell how the menu includes the foods from the food pyramid and meets nutritional needs.
b. Using the menu planned in requirement 4a, make a list showing the cost and food amounts needed to feed three or more boys and secure the ingredients.
c. Tell which pans, utensils, and other gear will be needed to cook and serve these meals.
d. Explain the procedures to follow in the safe handling and storage of fresh meats, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, and other perishable food products. Tell how to properly dispose of camp garbage, cans, plastic containers, and other rubbish.
e. On one campout, serve as your patrol's cook. Supervise your assistant(s) in using a stove or building a cooking fire. Prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in requirement 4a. Lead your patrol in saying grace at the meals and supervise cleanup.

Fulfilling this requirement

For 4a, choose a menu for three meals which you are sure other scouts will enjoy.


Something portable, and easy to make, yet containing the energy the scouts will need to snowshoe. Lunch should require only small camping stoves since we will be carrying the stoves in our daypacks while snowshoeing.
Suggestions: cup-of-soup & bread, sandwiches. Add a beverage to it (drink powder to add to water or else juice).


The biggest meal. We will have plenty of time to cook and eat it, so you can plan something more complicated. Also the other scouts can help you prepare the meal. Filling hot meal.
The classic solution is beef stew which generally offends no one. I would serve it with crusty bread (2 loafs). . I would scale the quantity of beef to 2 ½ lb beef, add an additional onion, add a can of tomatoes, and add a pound or so of quartered red potatoes to make it larger and more filling. IMHO, the spices and bay leaf are not essential – the Worcestershire sauce is the real spice here (I would use 3-4 Tb).

Another option is Jambalaya
2 cans (to-ounce each) tomatoes
2 cans (10-ounce each) condensed French onion soup
32 oz beef broth
1 pound white rice
1 pound cubed kielbasa sausage
1 pound cubed chicken breast
1 onion, coarsely chopped
1 green pepper , coarsely chopped
Preparation at Camp:
1. Combine all ingredients in Dutch oven.
2. Bake using 8 briquettes under the oven and 17 coals
on the lid. Cook for about 1 hour or until rice is tender,
refreshing coals as required to maintain heat.

This came from a scouting cookbook, but I modified it majorly. Again, bread on the side, any maybe milk for beverage (dairy).

Another easy option would be to go Mexican-ish. Make burritos/tacos
At camp, brown 2 lb ground beef with 2 chopped onions, drain, add 2 cans black beans, cook until hot. Put into tortillas. Sprinkle with shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, and roll up.

But feel free to come up with anything. We will have Dutch ovens and 2-burner a camp stove, so anything COULD be cooked. Just do not make it TOO complex… : )


Partial list of valid components:
• Oatmeal with mixins (have one or more of raisons, nuts, peanut butter, shopped dried fruit, etc)
• Pancakes — carton, mixed at home, or even mixed at camp).
• French toast

• Eggs (either scrambled or omelet) plus toast
• Omelet in a bag. I will try to cook one on Thursday to show what they are like.
• Breakfast meat (ham or sausage) Bacon is possible and has been done, but has a higher work, lower successful rate IMHO.

Full meals
• Breakfast burrito (scramble eggs, cook meat, put meat and eggs in tortilla, sprinkle cheese and salsa)
• Mountain Man Breakfast. Hash browns, cooked peppers, onions, cheese, eggs. Takes 1 1/2 hr to make and cook but very filling. I am guessing me & Mr. Brown will do something like this for ourselves and to share.
• Bird Nest – for each scout, you take a slice of bread, cut a hole in it, crack an egg in the hole, and grill it. Easy and yummy – we did this at Deception Pass last year.
Take a carb + a protein or a full meal, add juice or fruit and you have a great breakfast. Add hot cocoa, and you have a perfect meal (everything goes better with chocolate).

Assume you are feeding 6 people
For 4b & c
• Put together a shopping list
• Buy the food.
• Put together the necessary utensils (spatula, wooden spoon for mixing, pots/pans for cooking dinner and breakfast) and put them in a box to take.
• Pack the food for Saturday. The good part is that the food should keep in the natural refrig we will have!! We will keep the food in my car overnight to keep it safe from critters.

Organize/cook it at the campout for 4e. We will talk at the campout about the rest.

You get signed off on the most challenging requirement for First Class.

1) I will bring spares of pots, pans, and utensils just because I have them ready
2) Bring the cost to the meeting and we will split the food cost between those going.

PLEASE contact me for ANY questions/help needed. I never lack ideas… : )

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