Drug Meeting Notes

What are drugs?


drug (drug)
1. a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body.
2. any chemical compound used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease r other abnormal condition.
3. a substance used recreationally for its effects on the central nervous system, such as a narcotic.


Sedative drugs like alcohol and heroin can lead to fatal overdose if a lot is taken. They can also affect co-ordination making accidents more likely. Use of sedatives can also lead to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms while others drugs like cannabis cannot.
Stimulant drugs can produce anxiety or panic attacks particularly if taken in large quantities. They can also be particularly dangerous for people who have heart or blood pressure problems.
Hallucinogenic drugs sometimes produce very disturbing experiences and may lead to erratic or dangerous behaviour by the user, especially if they are already unstable. And of course some drugs are legal to use and others are not. Being arrested and getting a conviction can lead to all sorts of problems.



Amphetamines : speed, uppers, dexies, bennies
High energy. Used at high-energy raves. Also helps lose weight.

Cocaine and Crack
Inhale or injected, smoked
Very addictive

Ecstasy (MDMA)
This drug combines a hallucinogenic with a stimulant effect, making all emotions, both negative and positive, much more intense.

Heroin gives you a burst of euphoric (high) feelings, especially if it's injected.

Highly addicative

Hallucinations occur within 30 to 90 minutes of dropping acid. People say their senses are intensified and distorted — they see colors or hear sounds with other delusions such as melting walls and a loss of any sense of time. But effects are unpredictable, depending on how much LSD is taken and the user.
Most common
Feel good.

Methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant. Users feel a euphoric rush from methamphetamine

OxyContin — "oxycotton” – Nephew’s girlfriend had it prescribed for pain, then got addicted and robbed him of $20K, and bankrupted him. Percodan

PCP: Angel Dust, Embalming Fluid, Killer Weed, Rocket Fuel, Supergrass.

Rohypnol — roofies, roach, forget-me pill, date rape drug
Rohypnol is a prescription antianxiety medication that is 10 times more powerful than Valium.

The drug also causes "anterograde amnesia." This means it's hard to remember what happened while on the drug, like a blackout. Because of this it can be hard to give important details if a young woman wants to report the rape.


Stimulant, the sedative
Easy to get. Adds fun to situations.


I can make anybody pretty
I can make you believe any lie
I can make you pick a fight
with somebody twice
your size…

Well I've been known to cause a few breakups
and I've been known to cause a few births
I can make you new friends
Or get you fired from work.

I can help you up or make you fall
you had some of the best times
you'll never remember with me

you had some of the best times
you'll never remember with me

I got blamed at your wedding reception
for your best man's emberrasing speech
and also for those naked pictures of you at the beach
I've influenced kings and world leaders
I helped Hemingway write like he did
and I`ll bet you a drink or two that I can make you
put that lampshade on your head . .

Deal with stress – “Take the edge off”
Impairs judgment Drinking and Driving
Alcohol poisoning
o extreme confusion
o inability to be awakened
o vomiting
o seizures
o slow or irregular breathing
o low body temperature
o bluish or pale skin

Depressants — downers, goof balls, barbs, ludes
Xanax, Valium – Calm, help people cope

Cough and Cold Medicines
Inhalants are substances that are sniffed or "huffed" to give the user an immediate rush or high. They include household products like glues, paint thinners, dry cleaning fluids, gasoline, felt-tip marker fluid, correction fluid, hair spray, aerosol deodorants, and spray paint.
Cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Stimulant
Very addictive

Coke, Jolt, Pills, Coffee
Finals, stay up late, boost, debates

Why do people take them

Peer Pressure

Cool kids do it. Looks glamorous.


Feel good. Improves good times.


Study harder/longer
Endurance in sports
Lose weight

Help them deal

Coping. Depression



Need more and more to get the same effect
Lows lower than before so need continuous to not lose ground

Death/damage from drug

Sedatives can mellow to death
Stimulants can push to heart attacks
Death by what you do UNDER the influence
Eating glass

Death/damage from taking them

Shared needles, OD, infection
Snorting (cocaine)
Damage to nasal passages
Bag over head, squirt down throat
Delays effect, so easier to OD


Dealers cut other substances in make more. Corn starch, Tide,

What you do under the influence

You make bad choices – pregnancy, theft, pain tolerance, superman, driving under the influence

Side effects

Loss of GOOD friends


• Alice in Wonderland
• The Hangover
• Forrest Gump
• Nine-To-Five

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