First Aid Scenerios From 2012 Camporee
Title Description Hurry case Treatment
Man collapses Troop is walking on sidewalk and sees man collapse in front of them. Check for breathing, symptoms of heart attack, check pulse, keep calm 1-Check for signs of heart attack: chest pain or pressure, shortness of breath, sweating, pain in left arm, maybe pain in back, Nausea, weakness. 2-Check for other injuries. 3-Treat for shock. After scenario ends, CPR quiz: Airway - tilt head back, listen for breaths. Breathing - Pinch nose, apply 2 rescue breaths. Circulation - 30 chest compressions, Defibrulation- done by EMTs only)
Fall down ravine Scouts on hike encounter a boy who fell down ravine. Check for neck or head injury before rescuing with rope and treating. Warning: Any scouts who go down ravine without being roped will "fall" to bottom of ravine and become additional victim. 1-carefully approach -descend with rope. 2-Check for injuries before moving. Rope and pull up victim using proper bowline. 3-Diagose for hypothermia (victim has uncontrollable shaking and is stumbling). 4—Warm victim (jackets, sleeping bag, blankets, warm water bottles in armpit or groin. Offer internal warmth via hot liquids.
Hike during windstorm Scouts come across victim who had tree fall on his legs windstorm. Victim can't speak english Check for broken bones (lower leg broken). 1-Approach carefully. 2-Check for injuries (head neck back arms & legs) 3-Apply lower leg split. Split goes from middle of thigh past heel. Place 1 padded splint each side of leg and bind them together. 4-Treat for shock
Boy cut by pocket knife boy walked into "blood circle" of whittler and got cut on back of arm. Stop bleeding. 1-Apply gauze, sterile dressing, or clean cloth and apply to wound. Use palm of hand to apply pressure until bleeding stops. compression . 2-After bleeding stops, hold the pad in place with a sterile bandage (athletic wrap, strips torn from clean clothing, etc). Optional - sling. 3-Check further down linb every few minutes for pulse to make sure bandage is not too tight.
Burn scenario Camp Stove blows up while being lit. Ensure victim is not on on fire. 1-approach carefully, make sure stove not still on fire. 2-Treat 2nd degree burns - apply cool wet cloths on burns. 3-Allow burn to dry, then apply sterile gauze pad. Be careful to not break any blisters. Do not apply creams or ointments. If scenarion ends early, quiz treatment for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns.

Steps for all of them

  • Secured scene properly
  • Called 911 or sent for help
  • Asked for permission to help the victim before treatment
  • Treated hurry cases first
  • Quick with treatment
  • Treated wounds properly
  • Made the person at ease
  • Team Work
  • Effectively summarized situation to emergency staff when they arrive
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