Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos
Servings: 2

Prep time: 10 minutes

Description: Sizzling tacos

5 ounce albacore tuna or salmon
1 T olive oil (1 packet)
2 fresh limes (or 1 large)
4 soft taco size tortillas
1 t old bay seasoning blend
1 t granulated garlic
1 c shredded cabbage (plain or tricolor with carrots)

Do you fish? For tasty fresh caught fish tacos, once you catch and clean your fish, prepare the fish in bite size chunks in the way you prefer - be it gently steamed or pan fried and then proceed as above. This works great over a campstove or a campfire. You will want to pack more oil though.

Like heated tortillas? Bring a piece of aluminum foil about 3 times as big as your tortillas (you can gently fold it at home to make it small). Before starting the fish, heat up your tortillas one at a time in a dry pan. Stash the hot tortillas in the foil, folding over like an envelope and they will keep warm while you cook!

Fresh cabbage is easy to carry while hiking and stays crisp for days. For ease, buy pre-shredded bags found in the produce department.

At home pack the tortillas in a freezer bag. Put the Old Bay and garlic in a small bag and the cabbage into a sandwich bag. Tuck everything else in with it.

Heat the oil in your pan (or frypan lid if you have one) over a low flame. Add in the spices and the tuna or salmon, gently heat through till sizzling, stirring often.
Divide between the tortillas, cut the lime(s) in half and squeeze over, top with cabbage as desired.

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