Game Design Homework Assignment 1

Do at least one of these.

Assignment 1

Take home 2 board games you have never played before

  1. Read the description of the game on the box
  2. Read through the rules of the game
  3. Play each game with someone else or else play through the game with yourself playing multiple sides

Questions to answer for each game

  1. Why did you choose this game?
  2. Did the description of the game set expectations of the game?
  3. Did the rules make sense?
  4. How did you like playing the game?
  5. What was right/wrong with the game?
  6. How would you change the game to make it better?

Assignment 2

Take home one of a game books. Find 3 games in it you have never heard of before. Learn them, play them, and be prepared to present the rules and you opinions on them to your group.

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