Game Design Homework Assignment 2

In the third session, you will be finishing up your game design and hopefully even create the game, therefore the homework assignments will be designed to make that happen.

  • Design: What will be the esthetics of the board? What about the parts?
  • Backstory:
    • If the game isn’t abstract, what is the backstory/story/theme of any of the game? The more you have, the better complete the game will feel.
    • If you make a war game, find out all you can about the war.
    • If it is a themed game (Pokemon, Simpsons, Race to the Moon), the more you know about what is interesting details about it, the better you can do with it.
  • Rules: Put together a first draft of the kind of rules for the game.
  • Parts: What materials will be needed to make the game?
  • Field: What other games are there like this game? Find out as much as you can about them.

You should have a pretty good idea about how you game will work before the next session.

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