Going On A Campout

Personal Gear

Always bring a sleeping bag and pad

If you do not have an appropriate sleeping bag, the troop has sleeping bags to be checked out.
A pad not only makes sleep more comfortable, it also insulates the body from the cold ground (it makes a BIG difference!)

Appropriate clothing

Adequate clothing for warm days and cold nights. The weather can range from below freezing at night (20 degrees) to hot and sunny during the daytime (80 degrees). Scouts should be prepared for these conditions and have appropriate clothing to remain safe and comfortable.

Rain gear

This is the northwest. Rain is always a possiblity. At least have 1-2 disposable rain ponchos with you.

Personal sun protection items

Hat, sun screen, sunglasses. Sunburn can even happen in winter!!


Always have 1-2 quarts of water.


The LED headlamps are great. The BSA suggestion is to always have spare batteries and light bulbs. I one-up this by always having spare batteries (so others can get them from me when theirs wear out) and keep a second and even third headlamp. I pick them up for $2-$3 at Big 5 or Target's $1-$5 area. Not the highest quality, but they work until they die and I just keep several spares in my knapsack and at home…

Always bring the 10 Essentials/Scout Essentials

Keep a knapsack with the scouting essentials in it so that it is easy to bring them with you to any event.
The scouting essentials Another list: 10 Essentials

Scout Handbook

Know the scout skills required for your rank and take advantage of opportunities to do requirements and get them signed off.

Mess kit

At least one of each: Plate, fork, knife, spoon, bowl, plate


I listed it under 10-essentials. It really is an essential to have. I keep my packed with all the small things I will need for a campout so I just grab it and go for each outing. 2-3 bottles of water? Check. Disposable rain ponchos? Check. Sun gear? Check. Handbook? Check. Simple spare clothes? Check. Never need to worry about any of these.


Didn't I just list knapsack? Yes I did. I generally bring both on a campout. The knapsack has the 10-essentials. The backpack has tent, pad, sleep bag, tarp, extra clothing, and larger gear which does not fit into the knapsack. I wear the backpack on my back and knapsack on my front and I am well balanced and everything is easily carried to the campsite no matter how far it is!

Patrol Gear

Work with the patrol to plan the meals, make the shopping list, and purchuse the food.

At the meeting before an outing, there will be a patrol meeting for the patrol to organize the menu.
Patrol Meal Planning Form

The patrol decides who will bring tents needed at the patrol meeting

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