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The calendar is at . Not only is it time/dates/places, but also often links for more information. If you want to know anything about out troop info-wise, it is probably at this site. is CHOCK full of information I have compiled on scout skills. I have been in the troop for 9 years…


Go to Look at Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class. I have annotated which requirements are facilitated at scout meetings, which are “do at home and bring a note” (few), which are “study at home and meet with a leader to example what you learned and get signed off” and which are “best done at a campout or summer camp”. This troop has always pushed for scouts to EARN your advancements by knowledge/skills over just being there and thus getting them by default. Which is why we have so many Eagles – our scouts know their skills!!

Upcoming campings:

We have an outing on January 19-20. Yes, it is actually including a Sunday. I do this at most once a year for outings where Fri/Sat does not work because most of the “todos” are the first day – backpacking and in this case, making snow caves to sleep in. It will be a lot of fun, but it isn’t the easiest event we do. We WILL be hiking ¼ mile to the site and sleeping in below freezing weather in a snow caves the scouts will make. His call.

February’s event is called Klondike. It is a district-wide event where we sleep out at Ensign Ranch (campsite near Cle Elum). It is also a snow camping experience, but less (most likely warmer, tents, not caves, and less hiking). But the key thing of Klondike is the cool activities on Saturday. I will describe it in my next troop email, but there will be at least a dozen Klondike-themed activities scout patrols cycle through and do. Even if he does NOT want to do the overnight, coming the next morning is a very valid thing to do.

March’s outing is TBD – the scouts decide this outing each March. Sometimes it is camping, sometimes something different.

April is “Pre-camporee”. It is an opportunity for the scouts to practice their skills. We camp out at Camp Brinkley (outside Monroe). It is always a GREAT event for the scouts, starting with a campfire with snack and stories, scouts do all the cooking (they are good at it!) and adults/older scouts run “skill centers”.

May is Camporee – like Klondike except less cold, and the activities are more skill-centric (which is why we have prer-campree a month before).

June is TBD. We always do a camping trip, but it is different every year.

July is summer camp. We are going to Camp Meriwether. It is a great camp in Oregon. We do a 7-year cycle of camps, so scout never repeat a camp. Last year it was Eason in Idaho, before that Baker in Ore, before that Parsons at Hood Canal. Every camp we go to are considered the best I the area, which is why we choose them. Your son should DEFINTELY go, Boy scout camp is a GREAT experience. We get around 80% of the troop each year and 5-6 parents who go.

Which brings up the “gear” question. The troop has some very nice sleeping bags it can loan out. I have a lot of spare gear of every kind I can also loan out (both my kids are now in college). But of course, with time, your son will want to get his own. But do NOT let lack-of gear block going on outings!! We also always both on the permission slip AND the meeting make it VRY clear what gear is needed for outings. In fact, for the Jan outing, we will be doing a pack-check to ASSURE the proper gear is brought!! I also always keep a stack in my vehicle just-in-case…

Any questions?

I am at the meeting at 7:00 pm every Thursday to talk to parents or work with the scouts on advancement.

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