2012 Calendar
Date What/When Details
June 14 Troop Meeting-7:30 (Scoutmaster/SPL) Prepare for summer camp
June 21 Troop Meeting-7:30 (Dragons) Pack Check & Capture-the-Flag
June 24-30 Summer Camp, No meeting Camp Easton. ID
July 5 No meeting
July 12 Troop Meeting-7:30 Parachute cord bracelets & First Aid
July 14 Service Project
July 19 Troop Meeting-7:30 Electronics
July 26 Troop Meeting-7:30 Dragons run meeting. Current topic proposal is splicing of ropes
July 27 Troop Game Night–7:00-10:00
August 2 Troop Meeting-7:30 Pratice for Eagle Court of Honor
August 4 Chris Norwood's Eagle Court of Honor
August 9 Troop Meeting-7:30 Fun & Games (Game night)
August 16 No meeting
August 23 Troop Meeting-6:30 Water meeting at Mr Ricard's pool
August 23 PLC-8:00 Plan September/October
August 30 Troop Meeting-6:30 Troop BBQ — Entire families invited!
September 6 No meeting — school starts
September 13 Troop Meeting-7:30 Prepare for campout / Cool technology of the ancient world
September 14-15 Campout at Fort Flagler Meet/Leave at 4:30
September 20 Troop Meeting-7:30 Work on First Aid Merit Badge
September 20 Troop Comittee Meeting -7:30 An adult from each family should be there
September 27 Court Of Honor (7-9)
September 28 Troop Game Night–7:00-10:00
October 4 PLC-6:30 Plan November
October 4 Troop Meeting-7:30 Making fire starters
October 11 Troop Meeting-7:30 Elections
October 12-14 Merit Badge Weekend To get more details
October 13 Service Project at RHPC 9-12
October 18 Troop Meeting-7:30 Kayak merit badge / Prepare for Webelos Woods
October 25 Troop Meeting-7:30 Final Webelos Woods / Leave No Trace
October 26 Troop Game Night–7:00-10:00
October 27 Webelos Woods 7:30-4:30 Leave No Trace
November 1 PLC-6:30 Plan December
November 1 Troop Meeting-7:30 Orienteering / Map Symbol Relay
November 8 Troop Meeting-7:30 Axe/Saw Safety
November 10 Jimmy Seifert's Eagle Service Project 9 am - 3 pm Jimmy's Service Project
November 15 Troop Meeting-7:30 Splicing/Pioneering Project
November 17 Orienteering 9 am - noon For more information
November 22 No meeting
November 29 Troop Meeting-7:30 Cooking
November 30 Troop Game Night–7:00-10:00
December 6 Troop Meeting-7:30 Talk about Emergency Preparedness
December 13 PLC-6:45 Plan Jan/Feb
December 13 Troop Meeting-7:30 Prepare for XMAS tree
December 20 No meeting
December 27 No meeting
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