Leadership Roles In The Troop


Senior Patrol Leader
Lead the troop.
Lead the troop at summer camp.
Run meetings when the patrol leaders are not leading them.
Run the monthly Patrol Leader’s Council.
Leads/responsible for the Patrol Leaders.
Call the patrol leaders weekly to make sure the patrol leaders have the meetings planned.
Expected to be at summer camp, camporee, Klondike, and at almost all of the troop meetings.

Patrol Leader

Plan and run one troop meeting a month with the aid of his patrol
Run patrol meetings at the troop meetings
Call all patrol members at least once a week to inform them of what is going on and organize for troop meetings
Know the scouting status/needs of all members of his patrol so he can represent their needs.
Expected to be at almost all the meetings
Go to all Patrol Leader’s Council meetings.

Assistant Patrol Leader

Patrol Leader’s “right-hand-man” in running the patrol and its business
Acting patrol leader when Patrol Leader cannot be at the meeting

Assistant SPL

Leader for all the troop leaders in the list below – make sure they are doing their responsibilities
Senior Patrol Leader’s right-hand-man
Acting Senior Patrol Leader when Senior Patrol Leader cannot be at the meeting


Should be at all Patrol Leader’s Council meetings and take notes
Keep the historical collection of meeting plans (new concept we are adding this period)
Keep the collection of adult resources (new concept we are adding this period)
Keep all records of meetings, meeting plans, and adult resources in both paper and digital form.
Collect permission slips

Chaplain's Aide

Lead prayers at meetings and campouts
Aid the Chaplain as needed


Lead the setup/takedown at all meetings
Keep the gear in the closet and shed organized
Check-in/out troop gear to patrols/scouts (this is a new requirement)


Brings bugle to troop meetings and summer camp and runs the bugle calls at them.


Keeps the library of merit-badge books
Removes books which are too outdated
Submits requests to SLP for new merit badge books the troop needs to purchase (new role)
Manages the merit-badge counselor list.


Takes pictures at all events
Runs the slideshow at Court Of Honor
Updates the board we use at Webelos Woods with the “best of the last 6 months” photos. (new role)


They will be much more essential than in the past as the scouts will now be running the meetings
Invaluable resource the Patrol Leaders can use for teaching at meetings

Troop Guide

Tracks the pre-first-class scouts status. Works with them to get advancement.
Help instruct younger scouts at meetings


In charge of the troop web site content and adding new content to troop572.wikidot.com

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