Meetings Ideas

Preparing for a campout

Making fire starters
Talk/show about 10 essentials
Pack check
Bring in and talk about proper gear for X type of campout (x being cold, backpacking, summer, etc)
Water purification
Talk about ANTHING relating to upcoming event

Scout Skills

Whip & Fuse
Teach knots, lashings and/or whipping/fusing
Relay with knots, lashings and/or whipping/fusing
Make a real project (tower etc)
Pioneering Projects
Make a camp gadget
Compass/map knowledge competition (Mr Ricard has a non-computer game show we can do)

First aid

Tenderfoot First Aid
Second Class First Aid
First Class First Aid
Rescue Relay
Scout knowledge relay (Mr. Ricard has examples)

Second Class Drug Talk

Meeting plan for Drug Talk
Drug Meeting notes

Camping Merit Badge


  • Stoves – bring variety and discuss
  • Discuss clothing and gear

Citizenship in Nation Merit Badge

Information about the Declaration of Independence and Constitution (Requirement 4)
Discuss requirements 5 & 7.

Citizenship in Community Merit Badge

Talk about the government of a city
City of Kirkland Videos

Communications Merit Badge

Recruit someone to talk about area of interest to them for 5-10 minutes.

Railroading Merit Badge

Information on running a meeting on it

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

Powerpoint presentation


Talk about a category of plant or animal
Nature quiz show

Leave no trace

Talk about/tune flag ceremony

Meeting plan for flag ceremony

Compass work/Orienteering

Map and Compass Relay
Second Class Compass Requirement (Demonstrate how a compass works and how to orient a map. Explain what map symbols mean.)
First Class Compass Requirement ( Demonstrate how to find directions during the day and at night without using a compass. )

Hobby meetings

Scouts come and talk about something of interest to them with props.


Outdoor games
Geo Caching
Nature walk
Air rockets
Potato Gun

Work on skits and songs

Discuss the scout law and how it exists in other countries (Mr Ricard has content for this)

Plants has lots of ID information has good info, has good pictures if you have the name

Finish existing partial merit badges

First Aid 2bd,3ade,5aghij,7
Pioneering 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10
Camping 4b, 5e, 7bd,9
Emergency Prep 2bc,4,6abc,7,8


5: Splices
6: Using a rope-making device or machine, make a rope at least 6 feet long consisting of three strands, each having three yarns.
7: Build a scale model of a signal tower or a monkey bridge
8: Demonstrate the use of rope tackle to lift a weight of 25 pounds…
9: By yourself, build an A-trestle OR X-trestle OR H-trestle…
10: select a pioneering project… create a rough sketch of the project. Make a list of the ropes and spars needed, then build the project.


4b b. Help a Scout patrol or a Webelos Scout unit in your area prepare for an actual campout, including creating the duty roster, menu planning, equipment needs, general planning, and setting up camp.
5 e. Present yourself to your Scoutmaster with your pack for inspection. Be correctly clothed and equipped for an overnight campout.
7.Prepare for an overnight campout with your patrol by doing the following:
a. Make a checklist of personal and patrol gear that will be needed.
b. Pack your own gear and your share of the patrol equipment and food for proper carrying. Show that your pack is right for quickly getting what is needed first, and that it has been assembled properly for comfort, weight, balance, size, and neatness.
8.Talk about stoves

Make and play!

Build and fly airplanes:

Mousetrap racers — build and race

Build slingshots and practice use

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