Microwave Magic

Date of Meeting

March 10, 2012

Microsft Wagic Presentation

The Inner Workings Of Microwaves

How it went

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Practice Flag Ceremony

Equipment needed:


Setup :


Details of running activity:

Split scouts into groups of around 3 or 4. Have 1 older scout from the dragon patrol in each group. Have the groups practice in three different areas of the gym:
• Walking, estimate the distance from the flagpole to the patrol flags and have each group practice walking, left foot first, than practice about face
• Folding the flag: have 1 possibly 2 groups take the flag and fold and unfold it.
• Raising the flag. Have the scouts practice raising and lowering the halyards and tying them.
After about 5-10 min in each station have the groups rotate.
After, Have people who have not done a ceremony before try at the closing ceremony.

How it went

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