Troop 572 Orienteering 2012


Orienteering at Farrel-McWhirter Park. All Webelos are invited.


Nov 17th, from 9 am – 12 noon

Where is the park?

19545 Northeast Redmond Road, Redmond, WA.
Off Novelty Hill Road near Avondale.
Park info and directions

Where do we meet?

Drive in the main entrance (off Redmond Road). Park in the parking lot. Enter the main trail to the park. We will have a picnic table or two grabbed. If it is raining, we will grab a shelter (a little further down the trail). But you will not miss the picnic tables.

What are we doing there?

Orienteering! They have a VERY good orienteering courses. We will run 2-3 groups on different courses. They also have a farm, petting zoo, and playground (not that the scouts EVER play at the playgrounds!) : )
We will also hopefully have some Webelos there,
Mr. Brown will have his wonderful Dutch Oven food!

What should I bring?

  • A compass
  • Proper clothing for the weather (could be rainy or sunny, cold or 50s)

That is it

Where is the permission slip?

There is none. This is within Council and parent drive their own scouts. So no permission slips or trip form is needed…

If you have any questions

Call: 425-486-6274

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