Plan For Precampree 2013

Schedule for Pre-camporee 2013 at Camp Pigott

Friday April 12th
5:30 pm Meet at the Rose Hill Pres Church
5:40 Inspection of gear before we leave for those needing Tenderfoot Req. 1
5:50 Pray before we leave (Chaplain’s Aide)
6:00 Leave
7:15 Get to Brinkley
7:30 Set up camp
8:00 Campfire: Campfire food (hot dogs, cheese sticks, chips & dips, s’mores, hot cocoa),
Skits/campfire talks. Talk about skit(s) we should do for camporee.
9:00-10:00 Free time
10:00 Lights out
Saturday April 13th
6:50 am Cooks get up
7:30 Rest of troop gets up
8:15 Breakfast/Clean dishes
9:00 Flag ceremony:
9:15 – 9:30 Ten Essential check: Mr. Ricard
9:40 – 10:25 Station A
10:30 - 11:15 Station B
11:15 – 11:30 Break
11:30-12:45 Prepare and eat lunch/ clean dishes
12:45-1:30 Station C
1:35-2:10 Station D
2:15-3:45 Buffer/Free time
4:00-4:30 Break camp/load cars
6:00 pm Back to Rose Hill Pres Church


Yes, the calendar is tight. In reality the drive to/from Pigott will be a little less than I budgeted. And the buffer is to absorb some time issues on Saturday.

The camp fee is $8/scout. All food at pre-camporee will be part of the camp fees.

I am assuming 4 adults and 8 scouts. There will be 4 “virtual patrols” of 2 scouts.

Set up camp
I am assuming we will have structures to sleep in so putting up tents will not be required. On the other hand, if the younger scouts want to bring a tent, put it up, and sleep in it, it will be supported / encouraged.
Putting up the tarp (assuming we need it) will be the main setup needed,

Pe-camporee leaders
Adults + patrol leaders and SPL/ASPL

“Precamporee leaders” prepare the campfire.
The pre-camporee leaders (adults and scouts) are encouraged to bring some skits/campfire talks to do at the campfire. At the campfire we will discuss what kind of skits we want to bring to camporee.

Cooks will light the charcoal as soon as they get up so that it is ready by time they need to cook at 7:30.
Breakfast will be Mountain Man breakfast.
Mr Brown has the definitive recipe for it
I can bring two dutch ovens. Mr. Brown has two .
Each “patrol” can assign one scout to cook breakfast in one dutch oven and the adults can supervise.
In addition, the breakfast should have orange juice to round out the meal.
The food from the four dutch ovens will be used to feed everyone.

Ten Essential check
Mr Ricard will run this. The scouts will bring their daypacks and will show each other their items as he calls them out.

There will be four stations:

  • Pioneering
  • Orienteering
  • First Aid
  • Camp Skills

Lunch should be a “patrol” activity. Each patrol would cook the lunch as a patrol with the scout needing the Second Class cooking requirement (most likely the “patrol leader”) leading the cooking and the others assisting (Tenderfoot requirement).
I am looking for ideas on the menu. I spent an hour trying to find a meal which could be cooked in less than 45 minutes, uses both stove and fire, can be done with the fire not started before the meal begins, and which will use all the scouts.

My best idea is doing a stew like we did at the Shark campout two years ago. The cooking leader(s) have a scout cook hamburger over the stove while the rest cut up the vegis for a stew. Then the ingredients are put into a pot on the stove. This will be a patrol cooking experience, and I think the stew could be cooked in 15 minutes since the hamburger will already be cooked. This will not use the fire, but since they will have cooked hotdogs over the fire the night before, I think this is an acceptable compromise. Sound good?
Or any better ideas?

Gear we will need

Tarps for campsite – Mr. Brown?

Friday Campfire
Wood for campfire Friday night – Mr Vanderwal? & Mr Ricard
Food for Friday night – Mr Ricard

Sat Breakfast
Charcoal and lighter for breakfast – Mr Brown?
Plan/food for breakfast — ???
2 dutch ovens – Mr. Ricard
Dutch ovens – Mr. Brown? And Mr Ricard
Dishwashing system – Mr. Ricard will bring basins, soap and bleach
Flag for flag ceremony – Mr. Ricard needs to bring flag

Plan and food for lunch – Wil discuss at April 4th meeting
Pots/utensils/stoves for lunch – Mr. Ricard has 3 large pots and a two-burner camp stove. He also has another single burner stove which will work.

Gear for the stations
Owner of each station

Anything else I am missing?
The food/charcoal can be billed back to the troop since we will have significant money coming in from pre-camporee fees.
I need volunteers for owning getting the needed gear. Mr Ricard will organize getting Friday campfire stuff. If someone own getting Sat Breakfast (Mr Brown?), and someone Sat Lunch, that would be perfect!

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