Second Class First Aid

7a. Show what to do for "hurry" cases of stopped breathing, serious bleeding, and ingested poisoning.

Three hurry cases
Hurry Cases video

b. Prepare a personal first aid kit to take with you on a hike.

First Aid Kit video

7c. Demonstrate first aid for the following:

Object in the eye

  • Try to get them to blink it out
  • Wash hands and then lift upper eyelid over lower eyelid.
  • If that doesn’t help, lift eyelids and try to remove with sterile cloth…

Bite of a suspected rabid animal

  • Call animal control to find animal and test for rabies
  • Wash off all saliva and bandage.
  • Get to doctor immediately

Puncture wounds from a splinter, nail, and fishhook

  • Bleed wound to get germs out
  • Sterile tweezers
  • Push barb back out, clip, and reverse.

Serious burns (partial thickness, or second-degree)

  • Red, blisters, charred
  • Cold, not pop

Heat exhaustion

  • Cooling system out of wack
  • Out of sun, lie down, raise feet, excess clothing, water w/ salt if possible


  • Body is limiting blood flow
  • Weakness, confusion, clammy cool pale skin, quick weak pulse, weak irregular breathing, nausea, extreme thirst,
  • Deal w/ cause first. Then keep warm and calm. Send for help but do not leave alone


  • Heat exhaustion squared.
  • Skin is DRY
  • Cool them ASAP


Warm victim: jackets, sleeping bag, blankets, warm water bottles in armpit or groin. Offer internal warmth via hot liquids.


Dehydration – need water, even happens in winter!!

First Aid Techniques video

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