Snow Camping 2013

Snow Camping at Marble Mountain


We will drive to the park. We will make lunch, then spend the next 4-5 hours making our snow caves to sleep in. We will then prepare and eat dinner. The we will hang out/play poker/do whatever until bedtime. The next morning we will make breakfast, break camp, and then do snow activities. We will have lunch and then drive home.

What to bring

Essentials to bring:

  • Clothes for snow and cold weather. Jacket, Snow Pants, Long underwear, Hat, and Gloves. (dress in layers, no cotton). Will discuss January 3rd Meeting. Clothing for cold weather
  • Sun Glasses/Goggles & Sun Screen.
  • Something to sit on.(foam pad, etc)
  • At least two full water bottles (32 oz. each)
  • 10 essentials
  • Foam sit-upon
  • Shovels/tools for digging out caves.
  • Sleds/toys for having fun in the snow.

Permission slip is due by January 10th, Jan 3rd prefered…

Permission Slip Document

General info on snow camping


Meet: Saturday January 19, 6:45 am at RHPC
Return: Sunday January 20, 5:00 pm at RHPC


Marble Mountan Snow Park near Cougar, WA


Snow park information

Map of the snow park

Food for the snow campout

The scouts decided to go for the “everyone decides on and prepares food themselves” theory for the campout. The goal will be for all food to be cooked using hot water.

Kinds of meals

  • Oatmeal (hot water added to packet)
  • Freezer bag meals (hot water added to the bag)
  • “ready in 5 minutes meals” (various dishes at the gracery store where you add hit water and let it sit for 5 minutes)
  • “seal a meal” where a favorite precooked meal is sealed in a seal-a-meal bag and is re-heated in hot water
  • “seal-a-meal” omelet which is NOT pre-cooked, but in cooked in the hot water (it is GREAT!!)

Mr Brown taught the scouts all about this at today’s meeting. I just want the parents to know the plan.

It will be the responsibility of each scout to plan/prepare their favorite three-meals for the campout (lunch, dinner, breakfast). I will bring sufficient seal-a-meal bags to the next meeting so each scout can take some and not need to buy a whole box for themselves…

Truthfully I will also bring significant extra meals to the campout just in case the scouts meals do not work out, but that is just my being over-prepared… : )

I am planning for a “just add water” meal and hot drink for lunch, a seal-a-meal dinner (maybe my beef stew) and some side and hot drink, and definitely omelet, cocoa and hot oatmeal for breakfast.

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