Tenderfoot Scoutmaster Conferences

Congratulate him on completing the requirements. How does he feel about Scouts so far? What
does he enjoy the most and why? Ten minutes are probably sufficient for the Conference unless there
are other problems to discuss.
1. What campout(s) did he go on, what gear did he pack, what's his reaction to it?
2. Tie 2 half hitches or a taut-line hitch—- have some rope with you.
3. What do you do if you get lost on a hike?
4. Scout Oath
5. Scout Laws He should know most of these from memory,
6. Scout Motto but you can explain what he missed.
7. Scout Slogan
8. Describe the Scout Badge
9. What is the buddy system?
10.Talk about your Patrol and Patrol Leader
11.How did you improve your scores in fitness?
12.What is a local poisonous plant? How do you treat it?
13.What do you do for a burn?

1. What problems is he having with other boys in his Patrol, or with Leadership?
Hopefully, there are no problems to discuss at this level. If he has completed the requirements
and fairly well knows the Checklist items, even if not perfect, he'll usually make Tenderfoot.
End with how he is doing toward Second Class. Review the Requirements. Talk about starting
work on some Merit Badges. Then discuss goals and a target date for achieving Second Class

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