Troop Committee Meeting On December 6 2012

Troop 572 Committee Meeting
Date/Time: December 6, 2012; 7:30 p.m.
Attendees: Ron Brown, Chair; David Chicks, Mark Egbert, Greg Lincicome (secretary), Marian Luther, Grant Peterson, Doug Ricard, Wendy Schrempp, Robert Seifert, Norm Vanderwal, Stan Watkins, Bruce Wittenmyer

1) Opening Prayer: Greg opened the meeting in prayer.
2) Previous Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting (20-Sep-2012) were approved with no changes.
3) Treasurer’s Report:
a) Marian Luther reported that the troop came in on budget last year. We have over $5100 in savings and checking together and the Scout accounts total almost $3200.
b) Marian presented a draft budget for 2013 (the troop runs its budget on the calendar year). Marian’s numbers were based, in part, on some estimates of the number of stouts and adult leaders that would re-charter with the troop. There were a couple of line items that generated some questions, but no other changes. The budget was tentatively approved, pending the changes discussed.
c) Rena Peterson has agreed to take over the treasurer duties from Marian. Her appointment was voted on by the committee and approved unanimously. Big thanks to Rena, and also a big thank-you to the steadfast Marian Luther, who stayed on as treasurer after her son left the troop. Marian and Rena have been working out how to transition the role and Rena will take over at the start of the year with a freshly approved budget. [update, 27-Jan-2013: Budget was delivered by Marian and posted to wikidot.]
d) Other money-related discussions are reported in New Business.
4) Scoutmaster Report (you can always check for troop information!):
a) Doug reported that he will not be able to attend Klondike this year due to a scheduling conflict. Other parents will need to step up and go with the scouts.
b) January campout: the scouts are excited, but we’ll need higher-than-average parent support for a trip like this. Doug was also looking for ideas for a place to go. After some discussion Grant suggested Marble Mountain Snow Park, on the south slope of Mount St. Helens. In the winter we can’t do a Friday night-to-Saturday campout because it would be too dark and cold to set up. We will leave Saturday, 19-Jan, and return on Sunday afternoon, 20-Jan.
c) Scout elections took place back in October. Jimmy Siefert was elected SPL in absentia. We’ll need to encourage some of our older scouts to take their turn serving as SPL.
5) High Adventure:
a) Grant can lead the HA trip if it’s early enough (like late June) or late enough (like a long weekend in September). Tentatively, let’s plan for the last week of June. (Lake Washington School District gets out Wednesday, 19-June; Bear Creek gets out the 13th; not sure about Northshore.)
b) Given the size of the troop, there aren’t that many scouts who meet the standard eligibility requirements. It might make sense to allow any scout to come who is First Class and willing to put in the training necessary.
c) Grant would prefer a hike this year, since we’ve done cycling and kayaking for a few years. If we do go early in the summer, many elevated locations may be impassable with snow. Grant suggested a 50-miler (or so) from Ozette Lake to La Push on the Washington coast. It’ll rain but it won’t snow, and the flat ground and no altitude may be easier on younger scouts.
6) Outdoor Report:
a) The only outing since our last meeting was orienteering at Farrel-McWhirter park in November. 5 scouts, 4 adults and a webelos came to participate and have sweet potato pie.
b) Just a reminder: summer camp is July 8-13 at Camp Meriwether (Cloverdale, OR). The current thought is to leave mid-morning on Sunday, July 7, and stay on site Sunday evening.
7) Advancement Report:
a) The last Court of Honor took place since our last meeting. Five promotions were earned by four different scouts and about 60 merit badges were earned.
b) Norm also reported that, since COH, Jimmy and Max have earned more MB’s.
8) Service Project Report:
a) Christmas Tree Pickup: we are set to have the same area as we have had the last few years. The envelopes are at the printer and we will be stuffing flyers next week, 13-Dec. Because of vacation schedules, some families will flyer on the 22nd, but others may work on their areas on the 29th or some other day. We’re printing almost twice as many flyers as last year so we can provide everyone with plenty of flyers…hopefully. Pickup will be January 5th.
b) Jimmy’s Eagle Scout project took place in November—good turnout and good weather helped overcome some snags along the way and the planter boxes look really good!
c) Doug noted that it has been months since we worked at a service project with the church. We need to get back on this.
9) Recruitment Report:
a) Den Chiefs: Gil is working with RHPC Pack 595 and is really taking it seriously—great job! Richard is working with Pack 564. Big thanks to these two scouts and their parents for making this happen!
b) Webelos Woods was October 27 and was as rainy as usual. Andrew Wittenmyer emailed scouts who entered a drawing he put together, so we got some contacts that way.
c) Bob Siefert made a sign that he installed out in front of the church—it has generated some interest.
d) We’ve had a steady trickle of visitors but nobody has committed yet.
10) Old Business: none to report
11) New Business:
a) Ron introduced this year’s Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign. Pledges aren’t due until April, but if we can meet our goal (100% response and $2200) by March, all of the badges and rank advancements at our next Court of Honor will be paid for by the Council. Our goal is based on our previous years’ giving and troop size. Chief Seattle Council says it costs about $160 per scout per year to run programs—our goal approximates each family in our troop supporting one extra scout for the year. Ron handed out pledge cards tonight.
b) During budget discussions it was brought up a few times that many leaders and parents in the troop spend their own money to buy supplies for outings or meetings, ferry fees, gas etc. and don’t ask for reimbursement. These are essentially donations to the troop and they’re very much appreciated, but it means that our expenses are probably much higher than our budget shows. It would be better to have an accurate budget. Grant suggested that the troop give out gift receipts showing the amount donated. That way the troop knows exactly how much is being spent, and the donor gets a tax receipt.
c) Microsoft’s policy of matching volunteer hours with cash donations was also mentioned. Currently, when we tell Microsoft that we’ve volunteered hours with Troop 572, Microsoft gives BSA (either the Council or BSA national) a donation, and the troop gets a small kickback in the form of Scout Bucks. The Scout Bucks can be used for all kinds of Council-run scout programs. We have $300 in Scout Bucks, but that’s a very small chunk of what BSA gets. For Troop 570 that meets at Rose Hill United Methodist, the church takes the donations from Microsoft, gives a much bigger chunk to the troop than BSA does, and keeps the rest. In the past RHPC hasn’t approved this idea, but it makes sense to ask again.
12) Closing: David closed the meeting in prayer.


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