Video Game Design Meeting


This will be a three-week long series.
All games I designed can be downloaded/played by the scouts.
I will have video games and even older classic systems scouts can "check out" and play at home for a week at a time.
It will be helpful if scouts can bring their own laptops (Mac or Windows) to the sessions because each scout will be doing video game design at the sessions. I will have 3 or 4 to be used, but not enough for everyone.


I know, this isn't school. But in this case, the sessions will not be as much fun unless you do a little preparation. And the homework is FUN — you are actually playing games (and ok, also doing some learning on how to use Gamestar Mechanic).
First, get an account on Gamestar Mechanic. Since you are getting a student account, you have access to all of the content and all of the quests!
Then play through at least the first quest. This will get you familiar with the system and how to use it.

Week 1: It starts with an idea

  • The scouts can browse by classic (outdated) video game system collection
  • I will show/talk about a game I wrote inspired by a one-frame comic in a computer magazine (Creative Computing) 30+ years ago. Play Space Auditors
  • I will talk about how I write a video game
  • We will talk about (and see) the grandfather of all First-Person Shooters
  • The scouts will do some work on a video game.
  • We will talk about the grandfathers of Platformers
  • The scouts can play with a classic system which had its own monitor built in!

Week 2: Looks matter

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