Ziplock Omlets

This is a super easy and everybody have it their own way recipe but very yummy and perfect for camping.

  • Before you start to make the omelettes you will need to set a pot of water on to boil which can be on your camp stove or over your campfire.
  • You need the quart size freezer ziplocs 1 for each person, then any omelette ingredients your campers prefer.
    • List of possibilities-ham cubes, bacon bits,diced cooked chicken, onions, green peppers, broccoli, shredded cheeses,or anything that works for you.
  • Just set out the carton of eggs 2 per omelette and have each camper crack their eggs into the ziploc.
  • You can also bring a small container of half and half and put some into each bag but it works well with just eggs too.
  • Then everyone chooses from the extras what they would like in their omelette, drops it in their ziploc, then zips it up and puts it into the pot of boing water.
  • It takes approx. 3 minutes, but you can check the doneness with tongs just lift the bag and look. It actually will roll itself up into an omelette shape in side the bag.
  • When done just unzip roll onto your plate or into a soft tortilla, salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!!
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